This Busy Mom’s Trick to Smooth, Long-Lasting Makeup Application

I have been compensated by Johnson‘s® Baby for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer page for more information.

While most beauty bloggers share their elaborate beauty regimes, including steps to: wash, exfoliate, moisturize, prime, glow, bake, set…I’m over here already regretting the time I spent just typing that out. There are some busy moms who go through every step to ensure their makeup is perfect…then there’s me. I probably spend just as much money on beauty products, always hoping they’re the fix-all to my tired, exhausted, borderline-torture-sleep-deprived mombie look. But, alas, I’ve found a few unexpected ways to skip the 10-step regime and still get out of the house with smooth, long-lasting makeup.


Busy moms tend to find the most unique ways to cut steps and save time. Some call it genius, we call it…desperation! Out of desperation, I have used every single baby product in place of another product in an effort to save time…or just save a trip to the store! That, my friends, is how I began using baby lotion as part of my morning makeup routine. After avoiding a trip to the store and scrambling to find something, anything to moisturize my parched skin, I slathered on the most gentle thing I could find in my house – baby lotion.



As impressed as I was with my own inventiveness, I immediately noticed how smooth my skin felt. After applying makeup, I could tell that it helped my foundation go on smoothly and held it in place. Now, Johnson‘s® Baby Head-to-Toe lotion is the only moisturizer/primer/etc. on my Walmart Grocery Pickup shopping list! (…and I still get to avoid the store by using grocery pickup!) What was an act of desperation became one of my brightest moments. 😉 Isn’t motherhood usually funny like that? 




What accidental hacks have you stumbled across thanks to motherhood?!