How to Express Your Authentic Style

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1. Identify your style type

Most women tend to shop current trends, but we all gravitate towards pieces that suit a certain style. From preppy to punk rock, there is sure to be a style type that describes your personal taste and identifying it will help you become more confident in your purchases! It will also help to optimize your wardrobe, since your pieces will coordinate better together. This guide has tons of different style types to help identify yours. (You may have a cross between 2 or more!)

How to Express Your Authentic Style

My style type has always been classic and I’ve recently realized it’s a touch eccentric and trendy. I gravitate towards classic pieces that work for almost any occasion and stay “in style.” Even the trendy pieces that I wear tend to be classic shapes and/or colors, but fit into the current trend of clothes. Like the bodysuit above – a current trend (bodysuits), in a classic scoop-neck, ruffle sleeve shape and black color. My personal appearance, from my edgy blonde hair and to my sleeve, adds an eccentric feel that puts a personal twist on my classic style.

2. Tailor your physical appearance to your style

My personal appearance is a huge part of my style. Once I started my tattoo sleeve, my physical appearance started resembling my clothing style a lot more. Obviously, not everyone will get tattoos to reflect their personal style, but there are other aspects of your physical appearance that you can tailor to suit your style! Like your hair! Since my personal appearance is such a big part of my “style,” keeping up with my hair is just as important as knowing which clothing pieces work for my style. Schwarzkopf Keratin Color in Light Pearl Blonde helps me color my hair at home, with professional quality that offers flattering colors while caring for my hair during the process. Since I color my hair often, I love that it includes a pre-treatment to apply to your ends for even color result, as well as gives such consistent color payoff with each dye. Dying your hair at home is as simple as just a few steps: you apply the pre-treatment to your ends, mix the color creme and developer lotion, saturate your hair with the mixture (starting at the roots and going in sections), wait 35-40 minutes, rinse it out, and finish up with the Keratin care conditioner! See my before and after below!


You can try their hair color for free, too! Just head to the hair care aisle in Walmart to purchase your hair color, save your receipt, and then go to that link for the mail-in rebate form!

hair color in store

Hair color

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3. Identify your power color

Color is the biggest opportunity you have to elevate your style and make it authentically yours. It is the simplest form of describing yourself, which is the reason we often ask new people what their favorite color is. Although we each may have a different perception of each color, we trust color preference to give us an insight to a person. You can decide on your power color simply by choosing the most worn bright color in your closet, you can reference your zodiac sign, you can choose your favorite color, etc. (For “style” purposes, I recommend a bright color so that it can really take your style to the next level.)

How to Express Your Authentic Style

How to Express Your Authentic Style

My power color is definitely red. From my Leo sign to my light blonde hair, it’s no wonder that red lips and a killer red heel make me feel invincible. I rarely wore red until I fell in love with red lipstick and realized how much the color suits me. I still don’t have a ton of red in my closet, but you can bet I have alllll the red accessories. Which leads me to my next tip.

4. Accessorize

Besides color, accessories are the next big opportunity that you have to elevate your style and make it authentically yours. Anyone can wear a cute dress. Accessories are the difference in “That dress is cute.” and “You look cute!” To prove the improvement that accessories can have, I wore one of my favorite dresses two ways. The dress is adorable on it’s own – off-the-shoulder, stripes, fits my body shape well. Worn with a simple black heel, I would definitely get complimented on this dress. To elevate the overall look (and add my own personal touch), I wear this dress with pops or red (my power color, if you remember)! With red accessories, I’ll get complimented on my style, being stylish, or how cute I look (as opposed to how cute the dress looks).

How to Express Your Authentic Style

I love having an accessory combo in my power color. I pair this same red necklace and red heels with so many different outfits! I’ve already identified that red compliments my look and that I enjoy wearing it, why wouldn’t I capitalize on that?! I recommend doing the same with your power color! (Things to buy in your power color: a jewelry set or whatever jewelry piece you wear the most – for me that’s a necklace, flat shoes, heels, a belt, and a makeup item – this can be eye shadow or lipstick depending on what your power color is).

What other ways do you express your authentic style?


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  1. September 13, 2017 / 7:36 am

    Wow, I love all your style pointers and how great your hair looks (along with the dress and cute red accessories). Thanks for these ideas! #client