Making Bedtime a Part of My Resolution

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I’ve always been a busy bee, but becoming a mom took the chaos to a whole new level! I remember the days when I used to read an entire book in a week or less. I could fill a notebook with writing in under a month. Coffee dates were endless. Beach days turned into beach nights. What did we do with all that time before we became moms?!


Balancing motherhood with my own hobbies and aspirations has continuously been a topic on this blog. I’ve shared many ways that I manage to tackle the many creative outlets during motherhood in hopes that it has helped you make some time for the things you love, too! Having so much on my plate is exciting for me, but it can sometimes weigh me down and take away from my ability to connect with the people around me. (Especially my little one!)

2018 is going to be a year of focus and diligence. While I am applying that to some “big picture” areas of my life, I am also applying it down to my daily routines. From washing my face every morning and night, to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, all the way down to the lotion we’re using, I’m actively focusing on caring for both mine and Owen’s body and mind!

Making Bedtime a Part of My Resolution

Making Bedtime a Part of My Resolution

A huge focus for us this year is going to be our bedtime routine. Not only is it important for both of us to get to bed on time (7:30 for him, 11:00 at the latest for me), it’s just as important to focus on how we spend the moments before we actually fall asleep. From relaxing our minds to creating a calm environment, I’m diligently addressing our bedtime routine this year. First thing’s first, we must get into bed on time. This is really more of an issue for me. :X I rarely feel tired at 11:00, so I’m going to start winding down at 10:00 in hopes that I can feel sleepy by 11:00. I thought long and hard about how to wind down when it hit me – duh, I can do the same thing that I do for Owen! So, from now on, both of us will be doused in lavender lotion, diffuser on, complete a meditation when we lay down, and avoid all screens/light (this is a huge one for me).

Making Bedtime a Part of My Resolution

Isn’t it funny how us mamas can carefully strategize every transition, decision, and activity for our little ones, but we somehow completely space when it comes to ourselves?! I’ve talked about how I use baby lotion as a primer before and I’m taking one more from the baby cabinet! Walmart is donating $1 to the Save the Children Federation, Inc. to support Hurricane relief efforts in the U.S. and Caribbean for every purchase of any Johnson’s® baby, Desitin®, or Aveeno Baby® item(s), including travel “kits” until January 15!

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