Sunday Funday Snacks to Kick Off Back to School

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With back-to-school in full swing, us mamas are spending most of our evenings on dinner prep, homework, and bath time. I don’t know about you, but I’m just over here trying to make the most out of Sunday Funday with my little before the hectic week begins again each week. Some Sunday Fundays are spent outside, when we both have the energy to run around. Some are spent cuddling and watching funny cartoons. Almost all of them are spent avoiding wearing pants or cooking anything. Binky and I have come up with a clever snack feast to have fun with. (Also, motherhood sure does change up the substance of your best kept secrets. You go from who you’ve kissed in your friend circle to which snacks are the healthiest in your pantry. Ha!)

Sunday Funday Snacks to Kick Off Back to School

Here’s a list of our favorite Sunday Funday snacks to keep in the pantry for a little fun during the school year. (…and if you can squeeze in a fun face meal during the week, more power to ya, mama!)

  1. Green Giant Veggie Tots are seriously the sneakiest way to get your kids to eat veggies. I haven’t met a kid who could refuse french fries or tator tots, but they’re actually made of cauliflower (or other veggie assortments, like broccoli)! It’s an ultimate win when you can do a veggie swap-in for a carb! Get $1 off coupon here.
  2. PBJamwich is saving moms from scraping out the peanut butter jar and cutting off crusts…hallelujah! PB & J is a “fun meal” staple, and makes for the perfect “create your own face” canvas!
  3. Garden Veggie Straws are a great lunchbox snack, but also make for great alien antennae. 😉 They even managed to stay fun without using artificial flavors or preservatives.
  4. Little Bites Muffins can be surprised eyes or a surprised mouth, but what will actually make your eyes big is that there’s 10 varieties and most of them are less than 200 calories per pouch. Can your baked snack do that? 😉
  5. Sour Punch Real Rainbow Straws have their own brand of magic with colorful candy with no artificial colors (or flavors)!
  6. RXBARs have been a mommy favorite in this house and Binky’s approval has restored my faith in clean eating. RXBARs are seriously just egg whites, fruits, and nuts. Nothing else. *Insert jaw drop here.* (Use the code BabbleBoxx15 for 15% off your first order on their website.)
  7. Fruit Shoot juice is seriously a savior for any day during the school year, since it’s real fruit juice and it has a resealable lid! (That means it’s safe for the car pick up line!)

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