Wear the Polka Dots

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Are we friends on Facebook?! If not, please add me! You’re missing a lot. I recently asked my Facebook friends how they would style this polka dot wrap dress; I gravitate towards red and I often struggle to get out of that color scheme when styling new pieces. I got a lot of great ideas and I can’t wait to style some of them! What I also got – an unwarranted piece of “style advice” that sparked this entire post.

Wear The Polka Dots | A body-positive post about wearing the styles and patterns you love, whether it goes along with "style advice" or not. #wearthepolkadots

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Without getting into the specific comment I received, I really wanted to share my reaction. I’ve posted about how my mom taught me that I’m enough and that may be why I’ve never been one to follow style advice. I’m aware of my body shape, my flaws, ways to dress it in a flattering way, and, most importantly, what I like wearing. Sometimes, those things don’t all match up. Personally, I gravitate towards dressing in what I like, which tends to be what’s flattering and comfortable. Not to be confused with dressing to hide my flaws, minimize my shape, or appear to be a different shape.

Wear the Polka Dots

When I first read the comment, I took a second to think on it, really walk myself through the thought process and dig into where it really came from. I landed on, “She’s not comfortable with my body.” I was given advice that would make someone else more comfortable with my body. Quite frankly, I don’t find it to be my responsibility to dress in a way that makes others comfortable with my body. It is not your responsibility to dress in what other people are comfortable with for your body. Just because someone else isn’t comfortable with your body, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be comfortable with your body. So I’m gonna wear the polka dots. And I hope you do, too.