What Went Right Today with Plackers

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If there’s one thing motherhood teachers you, it’s to lower your expectations of what you can accomplish in a day. Some days, your to do list doesn’t receive a single check mark, yet actually grows by a few tasks! Some days, you think it’s Monday on a Sunday and drive your kids to an empty school. Motherhood is slobbery kisses and dirty dishes, laundry piled up and drool on your only clean shirt, a picture for mommy and marker all over the wall, chalk footprints on the wood floor and a giggling toddler in the bath, motherhood is a million little moments woven together with grace and redemption and laughter and tears and love.

If there’s another thing motherhood teachers you, it’s grace. On the days that you wake up late, realize you forgot to put the school clothes in the dryer, throw together a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, and practically yank your kid all the way to the car, all you can do is give yourself grace. When everything goes wrong, it has become my mantra to focus on what went right. (I promise there’s usually at least one thing!) Did you feed your kid? Brush their teeth? Hey, does your kid have clothes on?! 😉

Plackers makes it easy to focus on what went right today, by promoting healthy dental hygiene habits from an early age. Their Kids Flossers come in fun colors and tasty flavors, so kids look forward to using them. We somehow always manage to get teeth brushed and flossed, which can seem like a huge accomplishment in a day of motherhood! At the end of the day, after all of the chaos of what didn’t go as planned, it can be truly comforting to look back and focus on the fact that you accomplished something good for your child.